David Toop


David Toop, London, April 2006

on audio culture

on reception of soundart and music

on the academic world

on soundart in London

Walter Tilgner


Andreas Bick


Ned Bouhalassa


Ned Bouhalassa remixing Michael Rüsenberg

Le Choeur de la Défense
(expt from "La Défense")

Pierre Alexandre Tremblay

tremblayListen to Pierre Alexandre Tremblay, as interviewed in Berlin, June 2010











on 3 months stay in Berlin, 2010

on his self-definition as artist

on his job at Huddersfield University in the UK

as franco-canadian in the  UK                                         

on his composition "la rage"


John Wall



Peter Cusack


Peter Cusack, London, April 2006

on sound levels in London

on London vs Bejing

on the term "soundart"

on the soundart scene in London

on "Your favourite London Sound"

Peter Cusack, London, January 2008

on the "Favourite Sounds of Beijing" project

on the sound level of Beijing

on loudhailers in Beijing

on sound ecology in Beijing

Chris Watson

watson Chris Watson at the Museum of Garden History London, January 2008.
In a workshop he explains the types of his nature sound recordings:

1. Atmospheres

2. Atmospheres, cont

3. Habitats

4. Species Recordings

Hans Ulrich Werner



Hildegard Westerkamp


Listen to Hildegard Westerkamp, trans_canada, Karlsruhe, February 2005

1. Enriching Canadian culture

2. Her composition after R.M. Rilke

Amsterdam/NL, 28.02.2010
1. Amsterdam, Sonic Acts XIII

2. History of Vancouver Soundwalks

3. The Idea of a Soundwalk, 1

4. The Idea of a Soundwalk, 2

5. Presence of a silent Group

6. Social Bond of a Soundwalk