Drews Ausstellung 1








"Was it a Boy?"
Text: INGEBORG DREWS ("im barocken")
Klangkomposition: MICHAEL RÜSENBERG


Galerie Koppelmann
Kunstwerk Nippes




audioesfera g












 I am happy to be invited to this exhibition with a short piece.
(I selected "Lisboa Horn Concerto")
Audiosfera is curated by Francisco Lopez.

The exhibition will be exclusively audio-based, aiming at being the first exhibition in a major contemporary art museum with no images and no objects at all.
Access to all the works will be via  streaming through a specifically-designed free
App (plus superb high-end headphones provided to the public) and a locative system that will work inside the museum, giving access to the different sections’ audio contents via the physical presence of the visitor in the exhibition rooms.
All the exhibition spaces are being re-designed in collaboration with a team of architects, and will be reconfigured into intimate, focused, multiple-option, very comfortable listening spaces.

Museo Reina Sofia, Sabatini Building, Madrid
14.10.20- 11.01.21


c!ang #9, 20-05-16, Düsseldorf

Joachim Kappe Schnitt


Joachim Rüsenberg, 1951-2016

mit Axel Grube, Christoph Korn,
Mechthild Hagemann, Elisabeth Luchesi,
Katharina Mayer, Christoph Perzl,
Thomas Seidel, Burkhard Steinke,
Jens Stittgen, Frauke Tomczak,
Thomas Rüsenberg, Michael Rüsenberg


Dienstag, 26. April, 19 Uhr
Birkenstr. 97
40233 Düsseldorf




Michael Rüsenberg
Joachim - Requiem für (m)einen Bruder
(all sounds derived from Joachim´s voice)
©Michael Rüsenberg, 2016
All Rights Reserved


Lohberg foto


Peter Hölscher
Michael Rüsenberg
Reuschenberger, Lohberg,
"---" the cragged version 3.5
bei VIA in Offenburg, 12.01.2016
in der Badischen Zeitung
und, bei Beegee