Real>>Ambient Vol 3

With Real>>Ambient Michael Rüsenberg eventually has turned the name of his soundscape edition into the title of a new label.
As earlier volumes have been released by Artelier Media (Roma - a soundscape remix in 1998 and The Cologne Bridges Symphony in 1999), the new label starts with Real>>Ambient Volume 3 (Real 3/NRW 141).
The sound matter this time is Essen, formerly one of the largest industrial cities in Germany, where Rüsenberg was born in 1948, but left for Cologne in 1969.
The main piece of essen.momente is a composition of almost half an hour length, called Baldeney - Ein Soundscape-Ballett which in 2001 served as soundtrack to choreography one hundred bits by Tony Vezich for his Temper Temper Dance Company.
All sounds in this composition have been recorded on, in and next to the dam and
Baldeney hydro-electric power station; heavily transformed of course, large parts with granular synthesis and extreme filterings.
The album starts with a tramride in realtime next to the Autobahn into the city,
called, disembarking at the main station and terminating at the RAG underground car park and at the bottom of the lift shafts of the RWE tower (hence the titles: A40 is the number of the Autobahn, EVAG the name of the tram company). Again this composition contains a lot of sound-processing. All harmonies, rhythms, loops are derived from the initial recordings; Wiethase Studios don´t use synthesizers or drum machines, but ProTools with a selection of plug-ins by Waves and GRM, as well as MacPod.
Same applies to Panzerlaufen. für Wolfsbank which is based on archive-sounds exclusively. It follows their musical qualities rather than their actual meaning in the production process. Coalminers therefore will notice: everything is upside down.

Packaging of essen.momente has been designed by Klaus Untiet (Wuppertal)
and should be very much alike with future releases.

EarthEar, Santa Fé, NM for the US and Canada
ReR in London for UK
Metamkin in Rives for France
Wormshop in Rotterdam for NL

very enjoyable.
, London
Without doubt, my favourite piece of yours so far. Great great sonic textures and a very nice pace for the pieces, especially on the first half of "A40....". Congratulations.
Moving through a series of shadowy sonic meditations towards near symphonic drones...
stunningly collaged sounds of a hydro-electric power plant from ruesenberg's native essen
Resonance FM, London